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Lee Piano Service was established in 1996 offering Piano Tuning, Regulation, Voicing & Rebuilding in Phoenix, Arizona within a radius < 100 miles. It's owned and operated by Eliot Lee, a registered piano technician.

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Piano Tuning

We take piano tuning seriously and want all our customers to have the best tuned pianos.

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Piano Cleaning

We find the many people want older piano restored. We can help

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Piano Reconditioning

We find the many people want older piano restored. We can help

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Customer Testimonials

Gardner Cole

Eliot has been tuning my pianos for over a decade and has always provided excellent service and value.


Baldwin Model L baby grand piano. He charged me between $500-$1000 less than what I was quoted by a few other piano technicians in the area for the same work. The piano action is incredible and the piano has a slightly warmer sound now. I highly recommend his services for any of your piano needs!

Ron Jacobs

Elliot did an excellent job tuning my piano for a fair price!

Robert Crouch

Eliot Lee has been tuning our Yamaha upright for years, and I call him back every time. He tunes both by ear and tonewheel (on his laptop), so the extreme highs and lows are always in tune. This is important to me- I have used "ear only" tuners in the past and it just doesn't come close

Chelsea Burklow

Eliot Lee, RPT voiced my 7' concert Bechstein grand piano today. I could not be happier with the tone color it produces! The E7 was so piercing before, I could not even play it loud without shattering my ear drum. He put a historical temperament on it and now I can hear key and modal colors that I couldn't before. I highly recommend him!

Mike Campbell

Elliot is amazing and did a wonderful job tuning our home piano. He is also working on restoring an older Baldwin we have had in the family for over 80 years and I strongly recommend Arizona Piano Service for all your piano needs. You will find Elliot a wonderful person who truly cares about his clients and their pianos.

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