Precision TouchDesign

The Highest Standard in Piano Touch

"What is a Touch Design? A Touch Design is a recipe for the "feel" of the pianos "touch" and consists of the measured weight, leverage, and friction in each key, using the new touchweight metrology. Stanwood's studies found that Touch Design recipes vary widely from piano to piano. He found that when touch design parameters are very consistent from note to note, the response of the keys will be very consistent as well. Stanwood also discovered that the combined levels of touch design parameters will indicate if the piano will feel too heavy, too light, or just right. In addition he found that touch design parameters will tell if a piano is producing full tonal energy. Stanwood found that when the touch design of one piano was reproduced in another, the "feel" of that piano is reproduced as well. Stanwood calls this "Touchweight Cloning".

What is a Precision Touch Design? Stanwood studied the touch designs of many pianos and correlated the data with pianist opinions. From these studies he developed idealized touch design specifications in a variety of standard or customized design configurations which he calls "Precision TouchDesigns®. Stanwood Precision TouchDesigns® may be used to reconfigure the touch of any grand piano thereby creating a degree of perfect touch and tone that is higher than any achieved before."(Stanwood, 2005}

Mr. Lee is a certified Precision Touchweight Design Specialist, he was certified in Kansas City in August of 2008 with a handful of prominent piano technicians nationwide.

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