Buying Pianos

#1 Best Piano Service

There is no simple answer to get an idea on what kind of piano to buy. You would do well to read "The Piano Book" by Larry Fine. After you have decided on what piano to buy, first play it, then tell the dealer what changes you want to have done before buying. Unfortunately, dealer Piano Preparation is not the norm for new pianos being sold. Affordable pianos needing the most service are sold as is. If your new piano has ringing dampers, uneven keys an uneven hammer line, sticking or bobbling keys, then the dealer should be responsible for this initial service. If it is a used piano sold either privately or at a dealer, you should have it thoroughly evaluated by a competant piano technician. As a piano can be the most expensive household item you own, don't be penny wise, pound foolish in having it improperly evaluated.

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